Undergoing changes…

Chi bi-Ro bo! GameCube front box art!

So… BIG CHANGES in small steps are coming.

I haven’t done anything to this site since 2004 except adding various image scans, logos and media kits. This is about to change. Very, very slowly. For now, on your right side you’ll see a full directory of video game box art scans. Grab what you can :)


2 thoughts on “Undergoing changes…

  1. Man, I love what you do. I’ve been downloading and following your work for quite a while. it seems. Anyway, this is silly, but the world really needs a larger, clear render of the Skip ltd. logo. Any chance you’ll consider this little project? Don’t ask me why, but it is extremely difficult (impossible) to find one that isn’t as small as your pinky nail.

    (A nice scan of Park Patrol would be sweet, too!)

    Thanks, and please don’t ever stop your love of this work!

    More from me later ….

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thank you for the kind words. Comments like this one make me want to keep doing it.
      Skip Ltd? No problem mate. Will do! Just give me some time and be on the lookout for the new post! I enjoy doing it :)
      I don’t have a Park Patrol, but I’ll see what I can do.

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