Mag Force Racing – Sega Dreamcast digital cover

This time it’s Dreamcast’s turn.

I owned Sega Dreamcast at some point, but later on sold it so I could buy a huge lot of Genesis games. Now don’t get me wrong, Sega Dreamcast was a good system, but I grew up on a Nintendo vs Sega scene and just had to stay with 16-bit greatness.

Later on due to some fortunate turn of events, I’ve won it again on eBay for dirt cheap, but I don’t play it. It just reminds of good old days. And it looks great on a shelf too.

Now, why did I title it “digital” cover? Well, because this is NOT a scan. This file is actual TIFF CMYK image format that I found (again…) sitting somewhere within great depths of my PC. The file you’re about to download is a PNG RGB format. It is a smaller size file, but I kept the original aspect/pixel ratio.

Now, when you look closer, you’ll notice some imperfections in this artwork. For example, on the front cover the letter “g” in a word “Sega” is slightly covered. The designer didn’t place layers properly. Now, for some this might be a blemish, for others is a collectors oddity. Oh wait! This is not a final version! How exciting!

Either way you look at it, it is a rare, large front and back Dreamcast box art. Perfect for printing.

Mag Force Racing box art
Mag Force Racing, Sega Dreamcast
Mag Force Racing game cover
Mag Force Racing, Sega Dreamcast

Thanks for stopping by and go ahead and download. Questions? Feel free to comment.


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