PlayStation Jampack cover project – update 5

PlayStation Jampack template render
PlayStation Jampack template render

Enuff already, dood. I’m efen tired at looking at some stupid “update” pics. Just post the damn covers already!

… if this thought came through your mind while visiting this small site, don’t worry, I’ve asked myself the same thing. But the truth is, I have little time in a day do the things I like. So even a simple task like this is a problem for me. Besides, I’d like to do them right.

The back cover now includes properly done spines. As for the back itself, I’ve added the PS logo on a white background in a left bottom corner, plus legal notice as you find on PS games. This better reflects real covers. I’ve repositioned everything now to fit the cover area. In a bottom right corner a UPC bar code could be added as well. The ten red dots you see there are bullet points. They can be used to write a game title appropriate to your own demo disk. The three white areas are for placing a screenshot. In a final cover they will be transparent, not white, so a game image could be easily placed behind it.

I’m trying to go for a versatile cover, that could be used pretty much for any PlayStation demo disk. I should have it done by the end of this week if everything goes well.


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