– my game collection

I gotta be having a moment of weakness. I’m posting a (rather lame) picture of my game collection. video game collection – part of my game stash

But why now & why at all? Dunno. Just felt like doing so.

I guess that’s because I’ve been talking to my pops earlier today about his books.

My dad is an artist and he also loves reading books. Over the years he’s amassed over 5000 books. Imagine that!

Once in a while mom makes fun of him saying that when some people got drunk after payday, he he went to a bookstore on a book-bying binge. So as you can imagine, growing up I’ve always wanted to follow his footsteps. The only thing I didn’t know back then, that I’ll end up buying video games, instead.

Now, after roughly 25+ years of collecting I’m about half-way there. Sadly, this wall reflects only part of my games. There just isn’t enough enough room. But that’s perfectly OK. What I need now is a bigger house.

As a side note, people keep asking me what’s the most expensive video game I own? My answer? Well, I do own few rare games, but the most expensive thing I own are the memories of countless hours spent with friends playing them. Pre-internet era. You dig?

… come to think of it, the most expensive thing I own isn’t a game at all, but a digital file of Super Nintendo Game Packaging. It was hard to get. I’ll post some pics soon.


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