I’m a gamer, collector and a box art fan.

I’m an avid gamer and a bit of a geek too. Despite the fact of owning most consoles released in the US and currently having PS3, Wii & Xbox 360, I’m above all a retro video gamer and collector. There is something about 8 & 16-bit era games that today’s games just do not possess. Call it what you want, but those were the golden times of video games.

Along with gaming, I’ve developed a strange affection for beautifully designed (and some not) box covers, posters, art books and other items that many do not pay attention to. At some point, I had realized that there weren’t too many good box art websites at the time. Or to be precise, sites with hi-res box art scans. So, in September of 2004 I had started this small website. Having collected hundreds of games and working for one of the largest video game chains in the US, I had the unfair advantage of having access to loath of games. Since then, I’ve scanned over 10 000 various covers. Some were contributed and I tried to give credit where it’s due. Although my site had gone down few times and I did not write too much, it has generated over 1,5M unique visits. That’s a pretty nice figure (I humbly admit), considering the fact that I’ve never given its full attention.

Today, there are many great box cover sites, some which I’m a member of, but this site had become something of my own. My baby. Something that I like to do in a spare time. So, go on now, have a look.

All I ask for is to mention my site here and there. If you can, please link to my site, or perhaps even leave a comment.

Thank you.

… OK now, off you go. Go download something.