Video game artwork: In The Hunt – PSOne

In The Hunt original game artwork used in PlayStation One longbox edition.

Few years ago I had stopped collecting PSOne games altogether and sold them off on eBay in order to concentrate more on Nintendo. But I do miss those longbox ones. They were different. They towered over the crowd of DVD and jewel cases (pun intended). Same goes for Sega CD games which I still have a few of.


Vector illustration: Super Mario Land 6 Golden Coins

Video Game Artwork

Super Mario Land 6 Golden Coins World Map – in vector

Mario Land games were my favorite on Game Boy. Good game play squeezing the best of what limited handheld could muster on dot matrix display. Although the first SML game looks incredibly simplistic by today’s standards, artwork alone made me want to play it. Over and over again. I can’t even count how many AA’s I’ve wasted during countless sessions. Feeling nostalgic for no apparent reason I dug deep into my HDD and found Super Mario Land 6 Golden coins world map.

Most of you who follow this blog know that I got this strange affinity for Nintendo-style artwork and vectors. So without much thinking I decided to see what it would look like vectorized. I’m not completely happy with it, but you’ll be the judge of that. Feel free to download the SVG, PDF or EPS from Video Game Artwork directory Video Game Artwork. Oh! and If you happen to do anything creative with it, lemme know!

Super Mario Land vector logo

Super Mario Land vector logo

Super Mario Land vector logo

Here’s a vector logo of Super Mario Land I did in spare time. If you need actual vector file, just drop me a line.