Scan: RBFS – Super Mario World (Super Mario Advance 2) World Map

RBFS. Really Big Fcunikg Scan!


  • 600dpi
  • 5840×7012 pix
  • 28.7MB
  • file type: JPEG
  • single platen scan (not stiched)
  • watermark (sorry)
  • (original scan is 1200dpi and roughly 528MB)
  • Nintendo Product # AGB-AA2E-USA

Download the file by browsing the Video Game Artwork Album or directly here.

Rest in Peace Mr. Satoru Iwata-san.

RIP Mr. Iwata-san

We live in the world where lots of CEO’s are scumbags who only care about a bottom line and shareholders’ accounts. Mr. Iwata was not one of those people.

When I saw the news I was deeply saddened, as if a member of my own family passed away. I will pray for you and your family.

When people say that our thoughts are with “them” to me it’s meaningless. Thoughts alone do nothing. Thinking about someone is not enough. But prayers? They have a meaning and purpose.

Mr. Iwata, you will be greatly missed by many.

Famicom box art scan: Dragon Quest II

My Japanese Famicom collection is rather small, but I’ve managed to add two more scans of Dragon Quest II.

Nintnedo Famicom

Here’s what I’ve managed to upload so far. Enjoy!


Merchandising: Super Nintendo Super Scope 6 – store hanging display

Stay on target…

Super Nintendo Super Scope 6
store hanging display

1583×1585 pixels, 3.09 MB

Merchandising products can be a great source of Nintendo-related artwork. I believe this one comes from Toys R Us.

While at it, why not checking out my own mock-up of Super Scope packaging?

Dig through Video Game Ads section or download directly here.

Artwork: Kickle Cubicle (Nintendo NES)

Kickle Cubicle (NES)

Video Game Artwork

Here’s another beautiful piece of original artwork from Kickle Cubicle by IREM corporation. You don’t get to see this kind of artwork too often. Who uses airbrushes anymore? Well, I’d love to see more.

Nintendo PlayStation CD-ROM has been found!

SNES PlayStation CD-ROM Super Nintendo CD-ROM prototype

You should know it by now. The entire gaming world is abuzz as history is in the making. Some people think it’s fake, but I’m keeping my hopes up! If you want to be part of history or an elaborate hoax you should read this, this and watch this:

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go & get my diaper changed! Yes, I’m shitting my pants, that’s how excited I am right now!

Scan: “A surge of power is headed your way” – Konami poster. RBFS.

RBFS. Really Big Fcunikg Scan!

Game Ads

Behold! 14 megs! 3504×4745! 300 dpi! It’s about time I did an actual scan.

The truth of the matter is that scanning anything larger than US Letter size involves a large format flatbed scanner and it’s a major pain. I have this old Mustek A3 USB scanner, which is a monster of a device and doesn’t always work on Win 7 64-bit because it wasn’t designed to do so. Anyways, I’ve spent Last two days tinkering with my PC, cleaning the registry and uninstalling anything Mustek-related. Finally, I got it working!

This poster was included with Contra III The Alien Worlds, a Super Nintendo game. Poster can be downloaded here. Enjoy!