Video game artwork: In The Hunt – PSOne

In The Hunt original game artwork used in PlayStation One longbox edition.

Few years ago I had stopped collecting PSOne games altogether and sold them off on eBay in order to concentrate more on Nintendo. But I do miss those longbox ones. They were different. They towered over the crowd of DVD and jewel cases (pun intended). Same goes for Sega CD games which I still have a few of.


Nintendo PlayStation CD-ROM has been found!

SNES PlayStation CD-ROM Super Nintendo CD-ROM prototype

You should know it by now. The entire gaming world is abuzz as history is in the making. Some people think it’s fake, but I’m keeping my hopes up! If you want to be part of history or an elaborate hoax you should read this, this and watch this:

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go & get my diaper changed! Yes, I’m shitting my pants, that’s how excited I am right now!

PlayStation Jampack cover project – update 5

PlayStation Jampack template render

PlayStation Jampack template render

Enuff already, dood. I’m efen tired at looking at some stupid “update” pics. Just post the damn covers already!

… if this thought came through your mind while visiting this small site, don’t worry, I’ve asked myself the same thing. But the truth is, I have little time in a day do the things I like. So even a simple task like this is a problem for me. Besides, I’d like to do them right.

The back cover now includes properly done spines. As for the back itself, I’ve added the PS logo on a white background in a left bottom corner, plus legal notice as you find on PS games. This better reflects real covers. I’ve repositioned everything now to fit the cover area. In a bottom right corner a UPC bar code could be added as well. The ten red dots you see there are bullet points. They can be used to write a game title appropriate to your own demo disk. The three white areas are for placing a screenshot. In a final cover they will be transparent, not white, so a game image could be easily placed behind it.

I’m trying to go for a versatile cover, that could be used pretty much for any PlayStation demo disk. I should have it done by the end of this week if everything goes well.

PlayStation Jampack cover project – update 2

PlayStation Jampack cover - work in progress

PlayStation Jampack cover – work in progress

Quick update on this little project of mine. Cover begins to take shape. I’m aiming to preserve as much detail as I possibly can. Even the “U.S. Postage Paid” is included, but I’m not sure if I got the zip code correct. As you can see, above render of original PlayStation jampack cover still needs some work.

Sure does look simple, right? Wrong.

It took me about three hours to get to this point. I can tell you already, that “2.2” volume number is a pain in the butt. I found some tutorials online, but none of the ones I tried produced desired results. Oh well…

“Quit staring and start playing!” font is completely different, as I wasn’t able to find a match. Other text is done in Helvetica font variant. Getting the exact image of Lara Croft took some searching too, but I found it on GiantBomb here. Stainless steel background got it from here.

Be back soon with more.

PlayStation Jampack cover project – update 1

PS Jampack CD cover template - work in progress

PS Jampack CD cover template – work in progress

Being influenced by edward_v12 photo stream (lots of photos of PS1 jampacks) and after finishing making PS2 Jampack template I moved onto PlayStation territory. Few posts ago I’ve redone the Underground logo (don’t worry, I’ll post soon) and now I had some time to start working on cover for it.

Why? First, because I think no one had done it. Second, I just like color scheme. Third, it’s relatively simple to do. So picture above shows a work in progress, one below shows the original scan. I can see already, that making “2.2” will be a small challenge for me. That’s because I’m going to try a 3D text. If I fail, I’ll be forced to do it by hand. I’d like to find a font as close to the original as possible, this would allow me to change the digits in the future.

PlayStation 2.2 Jampack original cover

PlayStation 2.2 Jampack original cover

So, I placed image in a working space, drew few lines, added stainless steel background and voilà! Front is ready. In next post I’ll move onto sides and back. Will keep you informed about the progress. Once done, the cover will be released.

I do have few loose PS demo disks and this cover would make it a good home for them. If you’re in a similar situation and like this project, please stay tuned.