Scan: RBFS – Super Mario World (Super Mario Advance 2) World Map

RBFS. Really Big Fcunikg Scan!


  • 600dpi
  • 5840×7012 pix
  • 28.7MB
  • file type: JPEG
  • single platen scan (not stiched)
  • watermark (sorry)
  • (original scan is 1200dpi and roughly 528MB)
  • Nintendo Product # AGB-AA2E-USA

Download the file by browsing the Video Game Artwork Album or directly here.

Scan: “A surge of power is headed your way” – Konami poster. RBFS.

RBFS. Really Big Fcunikg Scan!

Game Ads

Behold! 14 megs! 3504×4745! 300 dpi! It’s about time I did an actual scan.

The truth of the matter is that scanning anything larger than US Letter size involves a large format flatbed scanner and it’s a major pain. I have this old Mustek A3 USB scanner, which is a monster of a device and doesn’t always work on Win 7 64-bit because it wasn’t designed to do so. Anyways, I’ve spent Last two days tinkering with my PC, cleaning the registry and uninstalling anything Mustek-related. Finally, I got it working!

This poster was included with Contra III The Alien Worlds, a Super Nintendo game. Poster can be downloaded here. Enjoy!

Nintendo 64 PAL Version poster

Nintendo 64 PAL Version promo poster


Behold the power of N64. I just love artist’s take on the console making it look all spaceship-y. Those blinking lights, man! Every time I glance at some interesting game artwork I always ask myself – who’s behind it? How was it commissioned? Where is the original?

This would make for one awesome wallpaper.

Credit: special thanks goes to for contributing the scan and allowing me to post & host it.

Super Adventure Island SNES poster HUGE!

SNES Super Adventure Island poster

Super Adventure Island

I was able to purchase a used A3 flatbed scanner for dirt cheap! Now this allows me to scan larger covers, boxes, posters and whatnot. Got through some old ones and found this Adventure Island one. Scanned in one piece & retouched it to remove creases. For you to enjoy!

Careful! This image is huge: 9115×6438, 7.05MB
Nintendo part nr: HUD-SNS-HT-US

Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo Arcade Advert scans

Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo Arcade flyer

Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo Arcade flyer

Hi there,

Good thing about the internet is that everything can be found there. The bad thing is, that lots gets lost. So it’s worth to dig through once in a while and bring up some great artwork from time to time. This time I found some really nice quality Donkey Kong Junior Nintendo Arcade flyer scans.

Head over to Video Game Ads section to download each page separately in hi-res!

Source: eBay