Scan: RBFS – Super Mario World (Super Mario Advance 2) World Map

RBFS. Really Big Fcunikg Scan!


  • 600dpi
  • 5840×7012 pix
  • 28.7MB
  • file type: JPEG
  • single platen scan (not stiched)
  • watermark (sorry)
  • (original scan is 1200dpi and roughly 528MB)
  • Nintendo Product # AGB-AA2E-USA

Download the file by browsing the Video Game Artwork Album or directly here.

Scan: “A surge of power is headed your way” – Konami poster. RBFS.

RBFS. Really Big Fcunikg Scan!

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Behold! 14 megs! 3504×4745! 300 dpi! It’s about time I did an actual scan.

The truth of the matter is that scanning anything larger than US Letter size involves a large format flatbed scanner and it’s a major pain. I have this old Mustek A3 USB scanner, which is a monster of a device and doesn’t always work on Win 7 64-bit because it wasn’t designed to do so. Anyways, I’ve spent Last two days tinkering with my PC, cleaning the registry and uninstalling anything Mustek-related. Finally, I got it working!

This poster was included with Contra III The Alien Worlds, a Super Nintendo game. Poster can be downloaded here. Enjoy!